Aging brings many challenges, right down to the simple tasks of getting ready each day. As the body gets slower and weaker, it can become difficult — or even unsafe — to try to go solo in managing everyday cleaning, shaving, taking a shower, going to the bathroom and otherwise taking care of personal hygiene. This is why Custom Home Care offers professional help for in-home elderly grooming in Chicago.

If you or your loved one needs help with getting ready, staying clean or other grooming-related necessities, we can offer a compassionate, experienced helping hand. Through the services of our experienced caregivers, elderly individuals can be safer and more comfortable, while staying home where they wish to remain independent.   

The Benefit of Professional Grooming for Elderly Patients

While it’s normal for loved ones to want to help seniors in any way they can, there are some key advantages to hiring grooming services instead. First, some individuals will be more comfortable with having a caregiver on hand — someone who specializes in the tasks and won’t feel burdened by helping. Likewise, when a professional handles the grooming, friends and family members won’t have to worry about it. When they’re visiting, they can focus on spending time with the person they love rather than trying to manage everything.

Why Choose Custom Home Care

Since our founding in 1994, Custom Home Care has specialized in improving quality of life for patients with skilled, dependable, qualified caregivers — right down to our grooming services. Our company is owned and managed by nurses, and all care is provided under the supervision of nurses who are full-time and on-staff.

We offer a full range of personal care home services, from medication management to grooming support. Thanks to our strong track record in the industry, online reviews show us to be the highest-rated home services agency in Chicagoland. Reach out to us about your needs, and we’ll provide support to meet them. Contact us today to learn more and get started!