Guidance, philosophy, and oversight begin with the owner, registered nurse, Tamara Jackson, who is active in the daily operation of Custom Home Care. Our management team, office staff and field nurses have extensive senior care experience, diverse backgrounds and a caring work ethic.

“We recognize the commitment and experience our staff brings to our clients and their desire to exceed the care and service goals of our company.”

Custom Home CareMany families and clients contact us unsure of what to expect from Chicago home care agencies like Custom Home Care, and unsure of what services are available. Our staff is available to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. We take the time to explain home care, answer the questions you have, and address issues you may not have thought to ask.


Meet Our Executive Staff

Jackson, Tamara - Custom Home Care Inc.

Tamara Jackson, RN


Tamara received her Bachelor of Nursing Degree from the University of Illinois and was a co-founder of Custom Home Care in 1994. Under her direction, Custom Home Care developed the skills to implement Custom’s trademark Catered Living™ Services in Wellness Centers for retirement communities. The cornerstone of the company is the exceptional staff and caregivers who are provided the on-going training and support needed to be the very best in the industry. Tamara’s passion for providing seniors the most compassionate and dignified service for “aging in place” continues to be the driving force behind the growth and success of Custom Home Care.

Meet Our Management Staff

Bider, Lois - Custom Home Care Inc.

Lois Bider, RN

Director Of Nursing

Chaterria Calvin - Custom Home Care Inc.

Chaterria Calvin

Staffing Supervisor

Essie Colon - Custom Home Care Inc.

Essie Colon

Human Resource Generalist

Furio, Grace - Custom Home Care Inc.

Grace Furio

Client Services Director

Miriam Goldman - Custom Home Care Inc.

Miriam Goldman, RN

Nurse Liaison

Greene, Jennifer - Custom Home Care Inc.

Jennifer Greene, RN

Wellness Center Nurse Manager

Hennesy, Rebecca - Custom Home Care Inc.

Rebecca Hennessy

Staffing & Catered Living Supervisor

Hinterschied, Shawn - Custom Home Care Inc.

Shawn Hinterschied, LPN

Senior Client Services Director

 Robert Jackson - Custom Home Care Inc.

Robert Jackson, RN

Associate Director

Krasnopolskaya, Custom Home Care Inc.

Marina Krasnopolskaya, RN

Clinical Liaison

Connie Lord - Custom Home Care Inc.

Connie Lord, RN

Director of Nursing

 Sheila Marrinan, RN - Custom Home Care

Sheila Marrinan, RN

Wellness Center Nurse Manager

Maureen Theadore - Custom Home Care Inc.

Maureen Theodore

Agency Director

Jackson, Anthony - Custom Home Care Inc.

Anthony Jackson