Our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program

Clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia require dedicated, compassionate Caregivers with training and experience. We are certified in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach™ training program and The GEMS™: Brain Change Model. We have an in-house certified PAC trainer which allows us to provide the most in-depth and advanced dementia care training to our caregivers. In order to work in this area of care, our caregivers are required to complete an extensive specialized training course upon hire, and annually, so they have the most up to date skills necessary to care for clients with dementia.

Our ongoing dementia care training program and skilled supervision help our caregivers address the complex issues our clients with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. We take Alzheimer’s and dementia care seriously and our caregiver training exceeds the industry standard.


Understanding the Needs of Clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Introducing a Caregiver into the home of a client with Alzheimer or Dementia can be difficult. Many clients view themselves as independent and are resistant to the idea of home care. Our staff and Caregivers at Custom Home Care know this can be a challenging time. We partner with you to ease the transition and provide the best care possible to maintain client safety and the highest possible quality of life.

Alzheimer care

Some Helpful Care Tips :

  • Take extended time to discuss the idea of having a Caregiver in the home
  • Introduce a Caregiver slowly, the adjustment period may take some time
  • Let the person know the Caregiver is there to help them retain their independence
  • Find a common interest or hobby for the Caregiver to share with the client
  • Introduce yourself by name upon greeting
  • Speak slowly
  • Answer questions with short answers, repeat if needed
  • Repeat instructions exactly the same way each time
  • Keep a consistent daily schedule
  • Minimize distractions, such as a TV or radio while communicating
  • Be willing to accept blame
  • Hold hands and give hugs to show acceptance
  • Don’t argue or attempt to reason
  • Don’t confront in an angry manner
  • Don’t remind them they forgot
  • Do not take things they say personally
  • And always… go with the flow, be cheerful, and remain patient!!!

We recommend posting a written daily plan in an easy-to-find place such as on the refrigerator. This plan should also include emergency instructions such as first contact, physician contact information, location of critical documents, and medication list.

For more information on our Alzheimer and Dementia Care call us at: 773-561-4663

Additional resources and FREE Alzheimer’s Care Training for family caregivers can be found at The Alzheimer’s Association.